2016 | Corton-Charlemagne Blanc
2016 | Corton-Charlemagne Blanc Grand Cru Lupé-Cholet

2016 Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru

2016 Lupé-Cholet | Corton-Charlemagne
    24 - 48 :00
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Corton Charlemagne

The vineyard is situated on the territory of Aloxe-Corton, Côte de Beaune. Plot : les Languettes, half-way up the slope of Corton Hill, facing East-South-East. The soils are brown calcareous soils on Pernand Argovian Marls (Middle Oxfordian limestone of Jurassic period).

Grape variety 100% Chardonnay.

Vinification The grapes are hand picked then taken in harvesting cases to the winery as quickly as possible, so as to avoid heat, rain, bruising of the grapes or oxidisation. If necessary, the harvest is sorted eliminating all undesirable objects (leaves, unripe or later generation bunches, etc...). Gentle and selective pressing of whole bunches, using a pneumatic press and selection of the juices obtained, followed by strict static sedimentation (débourbage), where only gross impurities are removed, helps the extraction of the natural riches of grapes and terroir while preserving purity. The must is then put into oak casks the origin (Tronçais, Allier, Vosges) and the age (25 to 75% new wood) of which are ajusted to the needs of vintage and growth. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at cellar temperature via natural yeast from the terroir, lasting several weeks.

Maturation The wine is matured traditionaly for 10 to 16 months without any racking (no change of cask). It is during this period that it gently gains in structure and complexity with the help of periodic "bâtonnage" (stirring-up of lees), malolactic fermentation (natural degradation of the acids) and the exchanges with the barrels (olfactive and oxido-reductive exchanges). Light filtration before bottling completes maturation without damaging the harmony and natural aging potential previously acquired.

Tasting notes  It is of a pale, bright silver-gilt colour. In the nose, it is elegant, complex and concentrated, with spices including ginger and cinnamon, mixed currents, iris, lily, orange. On the palate, it is powerfull and stout, with very full body exalted by fine new oak.

Gastronomical suggestions  Served at 12°C, it will accompany the finest fish and crustaceans in elaborate, creamy sauces, poultry in white sauces, delicate mild cheeses and foie gras when older.

Ageing potential More than 20 years